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I can use a drill

Hi, This is my first ever blog/ post, not really sure if this is something I should be doing, I just want to engage with customers so they know who we are. We are not be a huge company spending bags of money on marketing etc, I run my business with my partner Jayne and we cover it all ourselves, we established TSJTimber because I had grown tired of seeing the same old drawing for the carbon copy building sites up and down the land, we saw the recession coming as the amount of work seriously decreased and the prices plummeted. The standards took a big hit, i was seeing work that was absolutely awful, guys were picking up a saw and that was it, I'm a builder now, sites were being flooded by cheap labour forces who had no experience with regulations / standards, I didn't blame the guys doing it. But knew i wasn't happy working in an industry full of people who didn't care what they were doing, structural elements such as roofing and timber framing were being done incorrectly, dangerously.

I was lucky(ish). My family were in trades, and i got to work with guys much older than myself who taught me. I still learn everyday. I knew that i could be happier working for myself to my standards, its hard work, building a business from scratch with no budget is never a ending process but we will succeed, we want to build a future for family and TSJTimber. We want our local community to see us as the turn to people for all there building needs.

We are a proud business, want to grow but keep that close relationship with customers, keeping them informed every step of the way is vitally important, we will always complete works to the very highest standards.

Give TSJTimber a chance and we can guarantee you will be extremely happy. Bespoke/ custom work being one of our strengths. You can have

that special look that only you will have and all your friends will want.

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